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Maximize and prove trade show success.

Crafted from decades of experience,  CBD’s Trade Show Planning Guide  contains planning tips and best practices that will help you define and capture more qualified leads, drive awareness, promote new products, and more at your next industry trade show.

Download it for free and maximize your pre-, during, and post-show activities for greater marketing results.

With CBD’s Trade Show Planning Guide, you’ll get:

  • A valuable set of checklists to make sure everything is ready for the show
  • Tips for helping marketing and sales collaborate
  • A 360° look at maximizing your trade show investment

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Trade Show Planning Guide

Did you know?

Before the show

Make sure you start planning at least 6 months out.

During the show

Take video footage to create a follow-up piece.

After the show

Recap your success using pre-established KPIs.

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